Changing Often- Please check back soon!
  1. Mountain Rifle
    Mountain Rifle
    Custom Inlet McMillan Hunter Stock, Defiance Action
  2. Long Range
    Long Range
    Custom Inlet Full Load McMillan A5 Stock, Weatherby Vanguard Action in Graphite Black Cerakote. Benchmark Spiral Flute Barrel and Tactical Brake. EGW rail and rings. Nightforce Competition Series 15-55 x 54 mm Scope.
  3. Custom Savage Build
    Custom Savage Build
    Fabricated one of a kind bottom metal to fit HS Precision Mag. Benchmark Barrel and McMillan Tan Cerakote. Coyote Ambush McMillan Stock/
  4. Custom Mauser
    Custom Mauser
    Boyd's Laminate stock. Timney trigger. Wizner side safety kit. Cerakote Armour Black.
  5. Muzzle Brakes
    Muzzle Brakes
    Fitted and Contoured Owner supplied Muzzle Brake. Bead blasted to match Tikka T-3 Factory finish
  6. ... More brakes
    ... More brakes
    we install all varieties of muzzle brakes.
  7. Tikka Upgrades
    Tikka Upgrades
    Bell and Carlson Stock. Bottom Metal and billet mag from Mountain Tactical. Cerakote Sniper Gray.
  8. Ultimate Sendero
    Ultimate Sendero
    1996 "New in Box" Sendero. Trued/lapped and re-chambered to 30 Nosler. Jard trigger, HS Precision Detachable mag/ bottom metal. Custom bolt nob. 20 MOA Talley Rail. Cerakote Elite in "Smoke".
  9. The Punisher
    The Punisher
    Ready for the custom thread- on Punisher appropriate muzzle brake.
  10. Yes, even Hello Kitty
    Yes, even Hello Kitty
    Bring your ideas!
  11. Carbon Wrap
    Carbon Wrap
    Defiance action. McMillan Game Scout Edge fill. Hell's Canyon carbon wrap Heavy Hunter barrel. Trigger Tech.
  12. Lefty
    Rem 700 Short Action Left. Trued and chamber for 338 RCM. HS Precision Lite stock. HS Precision bottom metal and extended mag. Timney trigger. Cerakote Elite in "Concrete".
  13. Defiance Chassis
    Defiance Chassis
    Defiance action. Cadex chassis. Benchmark barrel. Timney Calvin Elite trigger. Cerakote in Magpull Flat Dark Earth
  14. Stiller A-5
    Stiller A-5
    Stiller action. Benchmark barrel. McMillan A-5. Cerakote in Magpull Flat Dark Earth.
  15. Heavy Lefty
    Heavy Lefty
    Bat action. Custom Laminate stock. Adjustable butt plate. Jard trigger @ 8 oz pull. Chambered in 26 Nosler.